Monday, April 30, 2012

Gram and Gramps Visit

Boy oh boy, I must be wearing Momma out because I have been trying to sit down to write this post for a couple of weeks now, but every time I try and get her help, she gives up in favor of nap time.  Not that that bothers me too much, I like napping.  But I wanted to get this down before I forgot anything important.

Almost two weeks after I was born we got visitors.  Gram and Gramps arrived to stay with us for two full weeks.
Looking cute for their arrival
The first couple of days Gram and Gramps were here everybody just hung out.  I think Gram was worn out from trying to prepare everything for her to leave for two weeks and Gramps from working so hard on his big remodel project at home.  There were a couple of trips to the park for Lilah but otherwise the big activity of the day was usually planning what was going to eaten next.  When I wasn't eating or sleeping, which is most of the time, Gram or Gramps would hold me to give Momma a break.  It wasn't long before Gramps decided he was bored and needed a project.  First he tackled putting our microwave on a new breaker so that it would stop blowing the circuit, then there was the front door overhaul, finishing up a sink project he and Daddy did long ago, and many other little things around the house.  

On the Friday before Easter we took our first big family outing.  It was Easter class at Stroller Strides and Momma didn't want Lilah to miss out on the fun with her friends.  It was a warm day.  Lilah got all dressed up and Momma, well she just got dressed.  We weren't out for too long, but the fresh air was nice.  There isn't any pictures of me because I was napping in the stroller while all the fun happened.

Lilah and her friend Madeleine hunting for eggs

The Easter Bunny came and Lilah held on tight to Momma

On Saturday we got to dye Easter Eggs.  Well, Lilah got to dye Easter Eggs.  It was a family affair though and everybody got their hands in it, except for me.  I am starting to sense a trend, but hey I was only a few weeks old!  I was swinging away in my swing and was making sure that everybody remembered I was still around.

Lilah explaining the her decision to go with red

Gram helping Lilah with stickers on the pretty eggs

Everybody was very particular about the process 

All finished

Gram ended up being the one to come to my rescue when I thought everybody forgot about me.
Easter morning came and there were baskets from the Easter Bunny waiting for us.  We were all up for what felt like hours before Lilah finally got up.  She got to find all the eggs that the Bunny hid and helped me go through my Easter basket while I watched.

Enjoying some dyed eggs for breakfast
Easter was nice and relaxing for all of us.  I got to watch my first Master's tournament.  It was thrilling.

The only excitement really came when the garbage disposal decided to go out in the middle of dinner preparations and Daddy and Gramps had to do emergency replacement before everybody could eat.  I spent part of dinner sleeping and part being passed around to whomever wasn't eating.  I get a little jealous when everybody is eating besides me!

The next day was Gramps' birthday.  It was fun for all of us to be able to celebrate with him.  Everybody chipped in and got him an IPAD for his birthday.  We knew immediately that he loved it because he was playing with it the rest of his visit.

The rest of the second week of their visit was topped off by a trip for Lilah to the Children's museum.  Here is a picture of her on the Light Rail train with Gramps on their way downtown.   I know she had a lot of fun cause she was really tired when she got home.  Momma and I had a quiet afternoon at home eating and napping.

Mornings were spent with me hanging out with Momma while Gram and Gramps would take Lilah to the park or for an outing.  I even got to take a trip to the park once or twice in the stroller.  I don't really enjoy when it is windy, but otherwise don't mind getting out.  This was typical afternoon for us.

This picture was taken on the last night they were here.  After just a week, I was already so much bigger in my tub.  I am growing fast thanks to all the milk Momma feeds me.

Thanks Gram and Gramps for coming to visit.  I enjoyed having you here to hold me but most importantly I really appreciated all the time you spent with Lilah so Momma and I could have some good quality quiet time together.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 week checkup

I got to go out and about for my 4 week check up with Dr. Irwin this week.  Momma took me by herself and I didn't feel like sitting still in my carseat so she carried me around the waiting room while we waited to get in to see the doctor.  First thing, they stripped me down to nothing, which I hate, and weighed and measured me.  Then Dr. Irwin came in and gave me the once over.  He said everything is looking good and that it's pretty obvious I am a good eater because I am growing well.  He also commented that I had very good lungs because by the end I was really mad and really hungry.

Here are my stats:
Weight: 9lbs 12oz (52%)
Height: 21.25 in (41%)
Head Circumference: 37.5 cm (64%)

This is me, hearing Momma's voice, thinking "Oooh, food!"

This is me 30 minutes later.  I love my Momma!

This is me and Calvin having tummy time.  You can tell I enjoy it.   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Monday, April 2, 2012

2 weeks already!

Boy oh boy, is time flying.  They tell me I am two weeks old today.  I don't really know what that means.  I spend my days/nights napping on somebodies lap or eating.  It's been great, to be honest.  I just have to let out some loud cries and everybody bends over backwards to figure out what I want.

Last week we had to go see the doctor for a weight check.  When I was released from the hospital I was down to 7lbs 10oz.  When I had my first doctor's visit I had dropped another ounce.  So they wanted to see me again.  It was a quick appointment and I was back up to 7lbs 14oz (at 8 days old), so I am guessing all that time I spend eating is helping put on some good weight.  I was looking so good that the doctor doesn't want to see me back until I am one month old.

I have had a couple of first's over the past couple of days.  Momma loaded me up in the stroller the other day and we took a walk down to the park.   I had been outside for short stints but never to the park for that long or with Momma.  Lilah had a good time playing and I got a really good nap in.

Also, that funny little thing on my belly button finally fell off.  So that meant I got my first bath.  It was so nice.  I was totally calm for the whole thing, except for some shivers because I got a little chilly at the end.  Momma dried me off and dressed me in some warm clothes and I felt so clean and calm.  I hope they give me more baths soon!

Gram and Gramps are here visiting for a couple weeks, so I will update again soon!