Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello World!

Hello, my name is Will and I was born on March 19th.  I am eight days old today.  This will be my first post  as I share my adventures with you over the next year.

March 18th, I had only been in Momma's belly for 38 weeks.  But it was getting kind of crowded in there and I decided that I was ready to come out.  Momma, Daddy and Lilah were hopeful I was coming soon, but not quite expecting me to come that soon.  Momma was really uncomfortable the few days before I came.  I think she knew it wouldn't be long so she made sure to have Daddy take a picture of Lilah saying her nightly "Good night baby brother" to me.  I really like hearing her in the belly and I couldn't wait to meet her.

Then Monday Momma got up early and left Lilah with Daddy.  She had her weekly check and her blood pressure was high, so the doctor sent her to the hospital to listen to my heart.  I decided this was my opportunity.  I held my breath a couple of times so that the nurses wanted to keep Momma in longer and then I triggered the contractions to start.  It was just after 9AM when Momma went into the hospital.  It was about 1 PM when Daddy finally made it to the hospital and then the long wait began.

I wasn't really in any hurry.  But after a long long day for Mommy,  I decided I was ready and came out at 11:01 PM.

I came out in a hurry and got cleaned up and went right in search of food.  The nurses said that everything looked good and my measurements were 8lbs 1oz and 20.75in long.

We then started our long stay at the hospital.  Ok, it wasn't that long but I could tell that Momma was really anxious to get home.  The first morning I got to finally meet my big sister.  I got to meet my Grandma Miaja too!  Lilah was so excited to meet me too, but a little reluctant to hug or kiss me.  She pretty much lost all interest in me once Daddy gave her a present from me...a couple of puzzles, her favorite.

There was only one small issue in the hospital.  I stopped wanting to eat and Momma asked for help.  It turns out that I came out so fast that my tummy was full of fluid and so I didn't think I was hungry.  Once they got all that out of me I didn't want to stop eating.  We had to spend two nights in the hospital and were released on Wednesday the 21st.  At first I didn't like my carseat, but I settled in by the time the nurse came for us.

It was nice to be home.

Momma was so much more relaxed and I am slowly getting used to all the noise my big sister makes all the time.

Grandma Miaja stayed with us for a few days and I was pretty lucky to be constantly held for the first couple of days.  Since then I have spent more time in my swing, but I like it pretty good.  Daddy keeps telling me I am such a good baby because all I want to do is eat and then sleep.  I love being bundled up tight and have no problem being laid down in my bed to sleep.

So far in my first week the only thing that wakes me is hunger, dirty diapers, and hiccups.  I am strong, already holding my head up and can flop over in a hurry in search of the breast.  I am also very vocal, but usually only cry when I am hungry.  And I hate to get my diaper changed.