Friday, May 25, 2012

The Dynge's Go Camping

It has started to get hot in Phoenix.  Apparently it is only going to keep getting hotter.  Momma and Daddy told me that they love to go camping in the summer to get out of the heat.  But they haven't gone much since they had Lilah and were afraid that we would never go now that I am here.  I guess the thought of one toddler, one infant, and two dogs sharing a tent with them wasn't too appealing.  I have no idea why that would be.  So long story short, the decided they needed a tent trailer and went out and bought one.  They were so excited that the very next weekend they decided we needed to head up to the mountains for a one night test run.  It took them a whole day to get us all ready but we did it.  We headed up to the campgrounds north of Sedona on a Saturday morning in the middle of May.  Now, that was a silly idea because these are some of the most popular campgrounds in the state and they were all busy.  But when we arrived I was crying because I was hungry and sister was whining that she needed to go to the bathroom.  So they pulled into one of the campgrounds that said full.  Daddy went to talk the camp host and miracle of miracles, they had a reservation cancellation and had one spot left.  So we got lucky.  We pulled in and got camp all set up.  I just sat in my fun swing and watched Momma and Daddy while Lilah played in the dirt.  

After getting set up it was time for some relaxing.  Sister had a bit of an accident, falling down on the road.  She scraped up her knees pretty good and was a little grumpy about it for the rest of the night.

Once nightime fell, Daddy built a big fire and Momma got me all cozied up.  I couldn't believe how much she made me wear, but as the sun went down, I probably would have put more on.  I like to be warm.

The night went well in our new trailer.  I was only in my pack n' play for half the night before Momma just pulled me in bed with her because it was cold.  I would cry because I was hungry and she would put me off for awhile.  I think now she realizes why taking a nine week old camping can be a bit, um, challenging.  I ended up waking up Lilah at about 5 AM so Momma finished feeding me and then climbed into bed with her.  Considering everything, the 7 AM wake up time for everybody was pretty good.  And don't think that potty training was put on hold just because we were camping.  
Good Morning pee

Still pretty chilly until the sun hit
 Unfortunately any plans for hiking or fun in the morning were put on hold when Sister started getting sick.  She wasn't able to hold down breakfast so packing up happened almost immediately.  I made sure I did my best to stay out of the way.
Best part of camping is the naps
Overall, the trip was successful.  It was just too bad that Sister had such a rough trip.  But I am sure she will be just as excited as me to go camping again.  Momma and Daddy got a list of what they needed to bring/buy for future trips.  The trailer pulled well, set up easy, and was comfortable.  So now let the summer fun begin.

Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Month Checkup

Here I am, already 9 weeks old. I am a pretty good baby if I do say so myself. I am putting a good 4-5 hours in some nights, just enough to get Momma and Daddy hopeful that I will start sleeping nights. I just can't picture it though. I get too hungry to sleep much longer than that.  I have discovered that I can talk and I work really hard to make little noises.  They make Momma smile, which makes me smile and talk some more, and we just go in circles.  I think I pretty much have her wrapped around my finger.  I love that I am starting to see the world.  I can follow my rattle around with my eyes and love to look at things dangling above my head.   It's a good thing too because Momma is constantly putting me in my crib, swing or rocker  when she has to deal with Lilah.  As long as I am not hungry or dirty, I am ok with that and don't mind hanging out.

I had my 2 month check up this week and the doctor says I look great.  I am gaining weight and everything checked out.  I also got my first shots.  Boy are those things awful.  I was already upset because I was practically naked and then they made me drink some icky liquid and gave me three shots in my legs!  Except for the initial sting, I handled everything really well.  Here are my stats from this check up.

Height: 23 in (52%)
Weight: 12 lbs, 3 oz (52%)
Head: 39.5 cm (66%)

I thought I would end this post with the pictures we got taken recently.  I was only 7 weeks in these pictures and have already gotten bigger.  But boy do I have a nice looking family, and I can't wait until I can really see them.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grandma and Papa visit

The weekend I turned 8 weeks old we got some visitors.  Grandma Miaja and Papa Kelly came to visit.  It was the first time I got to meet Papa Kelly and he was really excited to meet me.  He is looking forward to having another boy in the family because he is surrounded by girls all the time.  It was good to see Grandma too, I hadn't seen her since I was just brand new.

Lilah and I having some blanket time with Grandma

It was a pretty relaxing weekend for everybody.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out and I got lots of cuddling time with both Grandma and Papa.  

There was also a lot of time spent in the pool.  I haven't been in yet because it is still too cold for me (I like to be warm!).  But Momma and I sat outside, watched everyone, and I even got a feeding in.  Grandma got a fun new camera that can take pictures underwater, so they were trying it out with Lilah.  

Even Duke the dog enjoyed the pool

I won't see them again until July, so it was really nice of them to come visit me, if only for a few days.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Important Day

Monday April 30th was an important day for all of us.  First I turned 6 weeks old!  A little bit more about how I am doing at this ripe old age later.  Second, it was Lilah's half birthday.  She is now 2.5 years old.  And she is a great, but noisy big sister.  And finally it was Momma and Daddy's 7th Wedding Anniversary.   They told me that it only took them 7 years to make our family complete!

So because it was such a special day we got a special treat - Daddy took the day off to stay home with us.   It was decided that we needed to do something special to celebrate.  I didn't really care what we got to do, I was just along for the ride.  But Lilah decided that it would be fun to go to the Train Park.  They have some small trains that drive on a mile long track and a carousel.  There are some exhibits and a full size train that you can get on.   We woke up to a special breakfast and then we were off.  We got to the train park about the time I needed to eat, so Lilah and Dady went ahead and visited some of the exhibits while Momma fed me in the car.  Then we got out just in time to see Daddy and Lilah ride the carousel.

Daddy and Lilah after their fun ride

I was content in the stroller

After the carousel, it was time to ride the train.  I got to get out of the stroller to ride too.  It was sunny and hot but I liked to the motion of the train.

On the train

My first train ride!

After the train they let Lilah play around in the playground area for awhile and then had lunch.

One more carousel ride for Lilah, but this time with Momma.

Then we loaded up in the car to head home with a stop at a cupcake shop.  When Lilah was told it was her half birthday her immediate response was "Where's my cake!"  She's so funny.  So Daddy stopped to get her the cake she wanted.

It was a really nice day and I can tell that family outings are going to be my favorite days!

So what's up with me at 6 weeks.  I am growing like crazy.  Momma has trouble keeping up with me and making sure I am getting enough milk.  I have gotten into a pretty regular schedule now.  I starting to realize what is day and what is night.  I start to get tired around 8 PM but still need to eat again around 10.  Momma and Daddy give me a bath between 9 and 10 and then I eat.  I am sleeping pretty well after that.  Sometimes I wake up as early as 1AM but have been known to sleep until 3.  I eat again and then am up to eat every couple of hours after that.  I take a pretty good nap usually after 9 AM and then again after 1PM.  Otherwise I am starting to be more awake.  My eyes have started to really focus in on things and I like to watch the friends on my swing.
Those creatures are pretty funny looking

Oooh, a fan

Oooh, a camera

Momma and Daddy have also been getting me down to have tummy time.  I have always been pretty strong, but I have actually been pushing myself up and rolling over on to my back really well for the last couple of weeks.  If I am comfy on my belly, I usually just fall asleep and take a little nap.

It's hard work to lift my head up

Taking a breather