Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 month nutshell

I will start this update with good news.  I finally got cleared from the neurologist so we no longer have to make the long drive over the Mesa to get my head checked.  So that is good news because I wasn't really sure why we had to be there at all.  The next doctor's appointment was for my six month checkup.   After having a different doctor for the four month checkup, I could tell Momma was glad to have Dr. Irwin again.  He doesn't ever seemed concerned about anything and makes Momma feel like she is doing a good job with her choices.  I had to have two shots and drink some nasty liquid, but it was over quick and I was over it in no time.  I am one growing boy!

My 6 month stats:
Weight 16.1 lbs  23%
Height: 27 in  68%
Head: 44 cm  72%

I now have one tooth with the second just days away from poking through.  I am scootching around the floor on my belly like crazy but haven't quite figured out crawling yet.  Momma thinks it will be soon, but I just don't understand how to get my hands and feet up at the same time.  I have been sitting up on my own since five and half month, and that sure is nice to be able to see so much more stuff.  My big sister is just starting to really play with me and I am infatuated with her.  She is so silly and loud.  I just want to know where she is and what she is doing at all times.  As far as eating goes, I love food.  I have cereal and fruit in the morning, fruit or veggies in the afternoon and another bowl of cereal before bed.  I love sweet potatoes and fruit, but am NOT liking green beans....Yuck!   I am rotating between nursing and bottles when I am not eating solids.  So that's me in my 6 month nutshell.

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