Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 Month Stats

My four month checkup was a little postponed because of our visit to California.  We ended up going in when I was actually four and a half months.  And because we were late, Momma got me in to see a different doctor.  Boy did I miss Dr. Irwin.  Not that the new doctor wasn't nice, but he got Momma all stressed out.  He showed her some charts on how my growing wasn't following a perfect curve and wanted to prescribe me medicine for a little rash that doesn't even really bug me.  But the good news is that this meant that I get to start eating solids.  Momma and Daddy helped me eat my first solids, a bowl of yummy rice cereal.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first, but am quickly getting the hang of it and think I am going to like this eating stuff!

My stats for 4 months:
Weight: 14.4 lbs., 17%
Height: 25.5 in., 53%
Head: 42.5 cm., 63%

What is this?  I think I like it!

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