Thursday, July 5, 2012

My First Independence Day

Daddy got the 4th of July off work and it was decided that we would do a fun outing.  Because Lilah had been so adamant to see crocodiles recently we decided to head out to the Wildlife World Zoo where they had a new exhibit called Dragon World.  You could tell Momma wasn't sure if we should go because it is all outside and she didn't want to get too hot.  But it was decided that we would just get up and head out early so we could beat the heat as much a possible.  When we woke up in the morning it was overcast with threatening thunder showers!  It was the perfect day to go.  We loaded up and headed out.  As we got closer, the sky got darker and darker.  But we headed into the zoo.   The first issue was that Momma got one picture with the camera before the battery died.  So I will use that as the excuse as to why there are no pictures of me at the zoo.  Luckily they used Daddy's phone to get pictures of everybody else.  I promise I was there too!

The first thing that caught Lilah's eye were the beautiful peacocks that were all over the park. 

 Then she and Daddy headed into the kangaroo exhibit while Momma sat down and fed me.  Just as I was finishing we felt our first drops of rain.  

Those drops quickly turned into downpour and we ran for cover.  It was pretty fun actually.  We had company while we waited for the worst of it to pass.  
Sister and I were tucked into the stroller and Momma and Daddy would take turns pushing us from area to area at a run.  We saw some monkeys have fun swing on branches and one little baby monkey that was clinging to it's momma while she was swinging.  

We walked quickly through the Dragon World exhibit because it was covered but just with shade cloth and it turned the rain into big drops so it was more like walking through a shower.  Everybody was soaked except for me when we got out of there.  The rain started letting up from that point and we were able to continue to without getting too much wetter.  

We spent a lot of time in the aquarium.  It was dark and quiet and I took a nice nap.  Then we had a nice lunch and then headed home.   

The day ended as a quiet evening at home.  I think I heard a couple of load booms and whistles while I slept but it could have been my imagination.  

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