Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend in Munds Park

In honor of our friend Audrey, we took a weekend away from the heat to head up to Munds Park.  Audrey was turning one and her Mom and Dad had her party up where they keep their trailer at the RV park.  So we booked a spot in the park and headed up on Friday evening.  Because we have a tent trailer we were tucked into the littlest spot in the whole place in between a sea of big trailers.  But we quickly made our selves at home.  The first night we had dinner and visited a little with friends and then all went to bed.  Besides sister yelling to use the potty in the middle of night, it was a very quiet night.

The next morning it was a little chilly and sister got to wear long sleeves and long pants.

We had a big breakfast (well Momma had a big breakfast then I got the usual).  We loaded up in the car and headed out for an adventure.   Momma and Daddy wanted to scope out some campgrounds close by in hopes that we will be able to head up for another camping trip or two this summer.  The roads were bumpy and put me right to sleep.

I woke up when we were stopping for lunch.  We parked at an empty campsite and had a nice picnic under the shade trees.  Then Momma fed me while Lilah and Daddy went down and played in the lake for a couple of minutes.

I think Sister was having fun, based on the amount of dirty on her face.

After lunch and a nice drive we headed back to the RV park for Audrey's birthday party.  Here is the birthday girl opening her present from us.  I spent most of the party asleep on either Momma or Daddy while sister played with all the kids.

Partied out!

Sister still having fun, and even dirtier
Saturday night in the RV park was a little rough.  I think people forgot that we were in a tent and weren't very quiet so we all went to bed a little later than usual.  Sunday morning we woke up to even chillier temperatures.  Momma took the opportunity to dress me in a cute jacket that I never had a chance to wear.  It sure was cozy.

Our weekend was great.  And I did really good too, for my second camping experience.  But we were all worn out and the drive home was a little miserable.  There was lots of traffic and I wanted out of my seat.  Momma and Daddy were a little frazzled and tired when we finally got home.  I think they are looking forward to some camping where we can truly get away.

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